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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bronzed goddess

So up until recently I have been on a serious search for the perfect bronzer. NOT AN EASY TASK! I'm so fair that a lot of the time I end up looking too orange or too dirty looking...not hot. I've been using the Illuminating Bronzing Power by Bobbi Brown in Aruba, and while I really did enjoy it, (I have only a few uses left), it was just too shimmery. In the winter I think it's nice, it breaks up that "brown" look bronzers can often leave, but once the weather gets nice...put that sucker away. I researched tons & tons of matte bronzers, and that was chore amongst itself, but it finalllly paid off. I now have in my possession one of my fav makeup items that I used to use way back when (tehehe i'm not THAT old). Bare Mineral's Warmth!! I can't believe I forgot about this guy! It goes on great, works really well with my fair skin, and plus when I get bronzed & gorg I think it will only look better...duh :)

sometimes rediscovering an oldie is ALWAYS a goodie

kira noelle

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