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Thursday, May 16, 2013

girllll, i like those nails

I've been getting my nails done for a while now, probably ever since I was 15, thanks to my mom who always had her nails done, (and ALWAYS in a cherry red). Such a fun part of being a girl, trips to the nail salon, the smell of fresh polish...who doesn't love it. So when this whole "almond nail" trend emerged, I had my doubts. I have been a "square, but slighted rounded" gal, usually sporting a french or barely-there pink, but the more and more I would see pictures (thanks, pinterest) I kinda wanted to take the plunge. I think my nail woman was shocked, but I finally did it! Now, don't get too excited, I didn't go seriously almond/stiletto (those look like claws!), but I went as almond as I felt comfortable, and girllsss...do I LOVE IT!!!
had to add some glitter too :)    

 Some inspiration for you!!

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