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Thursday, May 23, 2013

and she's back

 So I have been a bit preoccupied lately, more so a month of being preoccupied. I wasn't feeling myself for a while, and after having a few health scares, I needed to get to the bottom of whatever was going on, so after seeing doctor after doctor, I finally have a grasp on my health sitch, and can start focusing on other things.

 I for one have been guilty of taking my "being healthy" for granted, especially before my mom was sick, and now I have decided that being healthy is a true blessing, and we need to realize how lucky some of us are. So I have decided, finally, at the age of 25 (eek) that my health is going to come first. Life is too short not to focus on yourself, and unfortunately for me, it had to take going through an ultimate disaster that is losing my mother, for the light bulb to go off.

So I'm giving myself the challenge to make smart decisions, focus on myself, and live an overall healthy lifestyle (however I refuse to give up the champs). Why not challenge yourself to be more mindful of everyday decisions, and giving your body what it deserves? 


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