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Thursday, July 19, 2012

all about the locks

I've always been the kind of person who likes to start off a new season with either a new image, new makeup, new handbag....something new & fresh. So for Fall 2012 I'm kicking it off right with a new hair-do! My hairs been on the seriously boring side these days, haven't colored it since last summer, so I have that "ombre" thing going on, which is popular right now so I can get away with it :) 

But I'm in major need of a fresh start. I've decided I will be going blonder, since I just love being blonde, and I feel like I look more like my momma blonde, and she always preferred me blonde which I always thought was cute. So here's some options below, I'd appreciate any comments or feedback to help me decide. Thanks!!!

{may be too short for me, I don't think I"m this brave just yet!}

{My length right now, just trimmed, with more layering and a bit of shorter layers in the front}

{a good 4-5 inches cut off, trimmed around the face, and major sweepy bang}


kira noelle

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